being 2

our baby boy is 2. HERE he is the day he was born.
i can hardly believe it. no. actually i can not believe it. he is such a great little boy. yes. very spirited. lets be honest. sometimes down right naughty. but could i love him more?!?!? there is no way.

he loves......
and what we love about you.
thomas the train or as he so lovingly calls him "tommy"
eat "iiicccee"
to get his own water

to read books. or be read too
always have something in his mouth.

talks our ears off non stop.
a master @ puzzles.
loves elmo.
still loves to snuggle.
oh how i will miss that someday when he is too big.

love when he gets up he yells mommy. and when i walk in he says "i waked up mommy"
how much he loves his little sister and is such a great big brother.

loves to wrestle.
loves bobcats and can not wait to ride again with papa.
talks non stop about john deere tractors. grandpa's tractor is his favorite.

does not go anywhere w.o his "b"

still loves his "mimi" ((but we only get it @ sleep time now))
loves to dance!!! dance party here everyday!
loves to play "tickle monster"
told me yesterday "missed you" when i came in the door.

on his official birthday and his 1 year birthday!

ready to have a great birthday with our two year old!
started off great with some presents and a yummie breakfast of a
blueberry pancake cake and candles!!!!
we love you dillon lewis xoxoxoxoxox
happy birthday


The Badureks said...

Happy Birthday handsome boy! Make sure 'Tommy' gets some cake today too. ;) xoxoxo

Barker Family Blog said...

Happy Happy Birthday to our favorite little boy! We love you so very much!!

nicole.vandam said...

Happy Birthday Dillon! Hope you're having a great day.....those pancakes look pretty yummy! Hope to see you soon!


The Van Dams

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Happy Bday to Dillon! Hard to believe he is already 2. he is such an adorable kid! Hope you are having a fabulous day together!

Cherry Blossoms said...

Happy Birthday little D!!

Breanne Crawford said...

happy happy happy birthday dillon!!!


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