just skip

when it has been one of those days. try skipping! it works.
sitting here relaxing. b.c it has been one of "those" weeks. i need to get outside and SKIP!
terrible two's have hit our house! and i keep hearing the 3's are worse! i can hardly wait.
or waddle. i was chatting with one of my best girlfriends today about our weeks. she is also a stay @ home mom and i was telling her about skipping and she was talking about waddling. her son was waddling to his room and he wanted her too--so she did and they just laughed! those are the best moments. the moments you never want to skip.
so if you are having a bad day. skip or waddle!
how can you resist laughing......
i cant.

we are working on sitting up!
it is amazing how we go from being the content little girl laying on the floor watching.
then rolling. we do not do that much anymore. and now we are working on sitting up.
she is doing so well. ((sometimes))
so fun to see how much she has changed!!!

this week has flown by. ((i only say that now b.c i am looking back)) each and every day i did not think that. we have gotten out and done fun things out of the house each day! the weather here is so nice! i saw 48 this week. we can not get used to it ..b.c here comes the snow!

dillon's new favorite thing is puzzles.
i am just amazed @ how easy they are for him now

i have been taking any time i have to work on pLum stuff. i have a booth @ a "girls night out" coming up in 2 weeks. and need some new things in b. salon
and i have so many ideas in my head for spring.
i had been thinking of making felt flowers for a long time and this week finally did it.
i like how they turned out! perfect for spring/summer. they can be so many fun colors!!!
need to go shopping!

had a perfect morning today.
and to lunch with some friends!
and home for nap. the perfect day as far as i can tell.
this afternoon dillon showed me how he "stunt rides"!!?!?!? really where did he learn this?
well i taught him the word stunt after he showed me his moves.....
but where did he learn the moves?
but being the kind of mother and person i am. i encourage all craziness. ((to a point)) i love it.... and make him do it over and over again. he puts his glasses on and stands on the seat of his 3-wheeler and bends over to hold the handles and makes motor cycle noises.. but the best part is then he puts one leg out @ a time and does his stunts!!!
then he makes me do it. i just love it!
and tonight
out for drinks with one of my dearest friends!
happy birthday to you miss megan! love you!

we never got our valentines done and delivered. i of course bought the stuff and had great intentions....but then never finished them. so maybe i will have to try again next year!!! i can always hope!

we were a part of the fishing tournament here in DL last weekend. my brother in law came and we had so much fun! we did not even get a nibble but we had a good time!. need to upload those pics soon! we had a breakfast party in our garage in the am. so much fun! we are excited for next year already!!!

yesterday we had MOPS. and we made it through w.dillon in the daycare. he had a hard first 40 minutes but they kept trying and then moved him to the same room with pres and then he was ok. so i am just hoping that when we go back we can again make it through. so nice to be with all the other moms. and meet new people.
tomorrow i am off to mnpls for my sister in law's bachelorette party! i am so EXCITED to help her celebrate. i love her so much and am so excited for the upcoming wedding!!!
and of course i am in mnpls i of course need to see my sister and her family too! i am so excited to see all of them! wish we lived closer.

these are some of my favorite pics. i just love the real laughter--the fun they are having!
last week we had a friend over. it is so funny--these two had so much fun in the toy room filling the house with the balloons and playing in them. taking them out and putting them back in. i have never heard either of them laugh so hard and have so much fun playing together!

enough rambling.
good night

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The Badureks said...

Love!! I actually danced around like a monkey yesterday just to hear Reagan laugh! Things we do to hear those laughs! xoxo Have a great weekend! ♥


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