happy happy happy

happy birthday to my favorite 31 year old man!
i am late. of course. it is surprising that i got these pics. great ones @ that taken and uplaoded yesterday. it has been a rough week here @ the barkers!
but back to the birthday.
happy birthday to my wonderful husband.
we love you so very much.
thank you for loving us.
supporting us.
laughing with us.
making us laugh.
the hugs. the snuggles. the kisses.
and just being you.
we love you. happy birthday!!! xoxoxoxox

as you can see pres wants to be in charge! (( thats my girl.))
and dillon is wining that he is not---daddy's boy.

not a good time to get sick. and that is exactly what is happening to me. i am praying that my kids stay healthy! we do not need more sickness in and out of this house. everyone around us has been getting sick and i thought we were getting away with staying healthy. i guess not.
dillon is off @ gramma becky's for the night. when i was leaving he yelled "go ride mommy" he was really ready for me to leave. so preslee and i left. and came home and had a girls day. wow how different it is to be home with just one. a 6 month old @ that. after a nap. bath. a litte playing...there was not much time b.f she wanted to go back to bed.

drew is off in the black hills to a weekend with the guys. (bachelor party) they left this am and have arrived @ their cabin and are so excited to go out and ride the next couple of days!
i am so happy that he got to go---but get so worried about them!

what have we been doing?!?!
dillon has been.

stunt riding. his bike goes wherever he goes.

i am getting a bit sick of carrying it up and own the stairs.
getting into my makeup. he thinks it is super fun to do that.

being a bit of a stinker this week.
but still making me laugh so much.

loves to hang out with his sis in her crib.
is missing his "mimi" (paci--only gets it @ night/car. or when we give in)
is waiting to spend time outside.

loves his new bobcat calendar. he wants to read it all day.
it is amazing the stories you can come up with to read along with a calendar.

pres is.

learning to sit up.
loving the time spent with her brother.
is chewing on everything.
sleeps like an angel.
rarely cries. so content.
hates to eat solids. ((so not ready to eat them yet))
is growing in to such a little girl.
has the best belly laugh. and dillon is the best @ getting her to laugh.
loves to take baths.
hates to be on her belly.
oh how i love this time with her. but it is going by way to fast. i can hardly believe this might be our last baby. i do not think i am ready to say goodbye to this stage!

last weekend.

i headed to mnpls to celebrate w.jenn on her bachelorette party.
we had such a fun time!
did not get much sleep.
we were woke up early sunday with texts and calls in our room
about getting home b.f the storm.
friday night i spent with my sister shopping and out to eat.
sat morning we spent time with the kids and
to jakes hockey game! good game buddy! xoxoxooxox

random updates.
watching the bachelor this season. oh how i love the show. not the biggest fan of him though.
real housewives of miami started. crazy people. first of all. they are not housewives--most of them are not even housewives. it is so crazy!
also thinking that people use people. people are rude. people do things that are not fair.
have you ever felt used? it is an awful feeling. being grateful. i do not get how people do not have that part of them to be grateful---be thankful. it is easy!
you do not need to show it with things. or anything material. but WORDS. they work wonders.
((wow i feel better))
another random thought.
this blog was started as more of a blog to myself. a log of my life. how i feel. what we are doing. and now with 2 kids it is becoming far from that. i love what it has become..b.c without it i would never have anything to refer to when i am thinking...when did i do that?!??
but i also love just writing random thoughts. and feelings.


Cherry Blossoms said...

the picture of little D with the sunglasses is too cute for words!
Oh and of course little miss P has the cutest jammies!
Have a great weekend!

The Badureks said...

I love reading your blog and get so excited to see a new post. Keep it up. Love the pics of the kids with the sign and LOVE Pres's jammies! Feel better. xoxoxo

Helping All Little Ones said...

I love your random updates and thoughts! Blogging definitely helps us remember the moments we want to remember. And so do the cute pictures of your sweeties. Happy Birthday to your hubby too.

mandy said...

she is so big. I just want to squeeze her! miss you guys


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