((this post was started last week))
even though we might not be the healthiest house on the block (or hwy) dillon and pres are still laughing! the tickle monster was out tonight and the both love her/him. we got the tickle monster book and mitts for christmas--and they love them. and i do too. love that both kids can not sit up @ the counter. i took this week as i was making supper. love to hear them laugh. and for them to
just be together. (no it is not always easy))
but the hard times are all worth it when you see them just be like this!

pres is changing everyday. she is getting better @ sitting, still hates baby food and i have all but given up all together. (well i guess i kind of have given up) i have now found she will eat mum mums!
so that works for me as long as she is happy! i could not love my little chunky monkey more! yesterday the kids and i got in the car with drew for a trip to lisbon. he had some appts with clients and my hs bestie betsy lives there. so it was so great to be able to ride along and hang out with bets and hayden for the day! pres was a bit out of sorts (teeth???) and dillon did not nap! but we made it through. thanks betsy for letting us come crash @ your house for the day! h & d had a fun day together. dancing to the wiggles, games, snacking and just being buddies! and hayden is expecting a baby brother.sister soon! we are so excited for them! so pres will have a friend soon too!!!
had a great MOPS today. first b.c dillon went to the daycare w.no problems. ((hallelujah)) drew is off @ curling. they tailgated tonight... the last i saw when the sun was out was 8 above. yikes. glad i am home in my nice warm house under my blanket.

today. march 11th 2011 it is friday night. i am glued to the tv. first time today i have had on the news and am watching all the coverage on the earthquake. i am shocked and amazed on how much damage can be done in such little time. so sad to watch all of the coverage. my prayers and thoughts to everyone in japan! had a girlfriend over today/tonight. we crafted all day! and i wish we had a ton to show for it. but in the middle of crafting we had naps, eating, bottles, dancing, tommy, playing and so many other things!!! grandpa came and picked up dillon and then went snowmobiling! he loved it! a perfect day to be outside. well until this storm hit!!! drew is in Grand Forks. stranded in the storm. he went to the SIOUX hockey game and was staying over--but was planning on leave early to get home for a curling tournament tomorrow morning. but that will not be happening now. the interstates are closed! as long as he is safe. i guess that is all that matters!
this week we had a
girls.kids morning here @ our house. so much fun. i was watching a friends little girl for a couple of days so i had 3 and 3 friends came with their kids. we had a house full. but so much fun. i love the days that we can get together. talk, eat and play. thanks girls! xoxoxo
so excited for the bachelor finale on monday.

we are headed to mnpls for the week. all hour of us.
we are watching chase while my sister and her husband take the older kids skiing! drew is seeing clients while we are there and i will hang with the kids! and i am TURNING 30. yikes stripes. maybe a fun night out with the 3 kids! we will see how it goes!!! excited to spend some time with chase. and then the other 2 for the rest of the weekend! miss them dearly!

the kids can not take baths together. using the bath ring it is perfect.
they have so much fun splashing and playing together. and so much more fun for me too

we had a rough week.
to make a long story short. sat it started. pres turned from my sleeping perfect little baby into a stay up all night crying baby. i really thought parents exxagerated when they said they were up all night. but by monday morning we were @ the doctor. nothing wrong! so we had 2 nights of about 2 hours of sleep each night. but made it though the days somehow.
but we have our little girl back today. napped normally. and went to bed no problems.
so happy.
for many reasons. knowing she feels better and sleep. sleep. sleep and more sleep.

speaking of sleep. i am of to bed!

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the ritchie's said...

Great pictures again meg. I can't get enough of little pres. I miss her from yesterday already. She is so darn cute. I want to snuggle up with her again soon.


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