b.f i was a mom

i was a different person. it was drew and i against the world. it was about us.
but things have changed.
i am so happy it has changed.
it is not about us. (ok sometimes..but rarely) it is about them.
being a mom has changed me. they depend on me. every minute of every day.
but not only that
I DEPEND ON THEM. they do not make me who i am...but they make who i am a better person. they change the way i think and the way i do things.
b.f i was a mom
i always brushed my hair ((some people might argue with that))
i did not understand why moms would wipe their kids noses and wipe it on their shirt.
i am now the QUEEN of this.

how kisses stopped a hurt toe, finger or knee.
i slept in late. or took a nap
and i said i would NEVER EVER let me kids wear "cartoon" figure clothing.

boy how things have changed.

here is dillon wearing his "tommy" pj's. and he has now claimed a record in this house and has been wearing the top going on 60 hours. yes. you read that correctly 60 hours. i tried taking it off this morning but he wanted none of that.
so i told him tonite we had to take it off in the morning.
the pants had to come off yesterday morning b.c as he stated "tommy wet" so they are clean and ready to be put back on. this is for sure something i never thought would be in my childs wardrobe. but oh how i loved it as we were walking through the store and he saw it on the shelf and he yelled "TOMMY" how can you say no? you really just cant!

we had friends over this week. Miss R is just 3 days younger than preslee.
so fun to watch the girls grow up together. wow how they have changed. click HERE to see the girls in the hospital.

life @ home.
his week has been so fun. full of playdates
(one @ a friends house who has a daycare. how she does it....i do not know? so fun to play there!)
dillon has a new found LOVE (obsession) of thomas the train. elmo took a back seat.
preslee is getting to close to rolling over. i think she can...but wont
planning a party for dillons 2nd bday with two other friends.
this weekend we have preslee jae's baptism.
trying some DIY projects. not getting too far on them.
all clothes washed and put away. now that is a miracle!!!!
i got bangs. randomly. got my hair done sat. and told my stylist/girlfriend that i wanted bangs. but that i was too nervous to do it then. but this morning the kids and i all in our pj's drove to her salon and i got them cut. i guess it was just one of those days. i love them. not too dramatic.
just a nice change! i needed it!

excited that tomorrow is FRIDAY.

off to bed.


The Badureks said...

You are the best mom and your kids will forever see that. love ya! Oh and your bangs are REALLY cute. :)

the ritchie's said...

you can not talk about the new bangs and not post a picture :) I'm sure you look cute as always.
great pictures of all the kids. glad you had a fun week and enjoy the weekend!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Yep, we need a picture of the bangs!

I have to smile at the 60 hour Thomas top thing. ;) That is something I could see my nephew doing. My SIl always says you have to pick your battles!!! So funny to see how you change and how you do things you think you would never do! I am sure I'll eat alot of words when/if I become a mom, too.

You are definitely a fabulous mom and your kids are lucky to have you!!

Shawna and Chuck said...

Had to laugh about the 'cartoon' clothing... I had that exact same thought... until Thomas became Colton's #1 obsession as well. Our house is overun by every Thomas toy you can imagine... and he does have a few shirts and pj's too. :) Cute pictures... and cute kids!

Billie said...

Love this post...and the pictures...

amber b said...

so funny how attitudes/expectations change. I think it is called lightening up - life is so much easier not stressing about every little thing! Mason does the same thing as Dillon with his Spongebob PJs. The only way to get them off is to tell them sponge bob pooped; then he is OK with them going in the wash! :)

Jo said...

Great pictures! I now have a screen saver, Dillon with the grey crocheted hat! I love it, he's sooo serious, deep in thought

Breanne Crawford said...

"and i said i would NEVER EVER let me kids wear "cartoon" figure clothing."

i said that, too. my mom likes to tease me for it now ;) love your updates. your kids are so lucky to have such a fabulous mama :)

Cherry Blossoms said...

I agree we need to see a pretty picture of you!
What a cute story about Dillon and I love Pres's hat!

Kelli said...

Oh my gosh Meagan. Your post totally made me teary-eyed. It is amazing how things change when sweet children are brought into your lives, isn't it?


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