it has been one rough week.
so cold. so we did a lot of the same thing over and over..... a big house crazy right now. all of us!
could not stay @ MOPS. dillon had a bit of a breakdown. so it did not work out so well.
we need to work on this "being with mommy" all of the time stuff. a bit attached.

we had a great weekend.
family was here to help celebrate preslee's baptism. we had a great time with great company and food. thanks to everyone for coming.
it was fun to have her in the baptismal outfit that i also wore.
even better most of the pictures i have seen of me on that day i am screaming just like her in some of the these.... like mother like daughter!!!

it has been so cold this week we have not been out much.

-17 below this morning. and that is w.o wind chill. YIKES!
playroom is a disaster. but has some fun new toys for mr. dillon. he got a new desk and bench from nana and papa for his birthday and some hockey gear from ana and family.
now i need to pick a color to paint his new desk. i think orange is the way we are going to go.
i love how bright and playful our playroom is. so much color-such a fun place for us to be!
the only thing it isn't (besides clean) is big enough. it is so full. i did get rid of some things. but most i do not want to b.c i know preslee will love it. so i am keeping it around.
but when she is done with the toys---we will be having a major overhaul of the room. but then it will just be full of bigger kid toys!!!

got our whole deck shoveled off sunday night and monday morning. with the help of my parents. what a job! our deck is high off the ground and long so all of this snow is not so good for it! so all winter i say i am going to go out there and shovel it. but do i ever do it? no. so with some willing helpers we got it done in no time. a great workout too!

we are having a 2nd birthday for dillon with two of his friends this year! it will be so fun to get all of his little friends together. and the parents too! for a fun pool party!

this week i have been making hats and thinking of ideas. but how much of all of the ideas will i actually get done?!?!! probably not much! but i am having fun thinking of everything we could do. all that matters is that the kids have fun. i do not think they are going to care about the things that i am stressing over a bit.
time to relax. i am off to a girls weekend in the am. i am oh so ready for a couple of days away from everything. girl time. relaxation. sleeping in. scrapbooking and
just being with a house full of girls!!!
so off i go to pack! packing less and less every year i go. lets see if i can keep that up!

have a great weekend everyone!



The Badureks said...

Love all the pictures. I hope you have fun during your girls weekend! ♥

Emily said...

your bangs are adorable! enjoy your weekend!

the ritchie's said...

Congrats on your baptism miss Preslee. It looks like you had a great day.
P.S. Your toy room looks like a ton of fun, cute and colorful :)


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