we had a fun day @ home.
a girlfriends little girl came over for a little while in the am. now i know
how it would be with a almost 2 year old and twin 5 month olds.

most of the day was spent driving trains, trying to get pres to roll over, racing cars, chasing the cats and listening to dillon talk talk talk. it is so funny how much each and every day he learns so much and talks so much more. i need to start writing everything down.
he makes me laugh all day.
preslee must be growing. she wants to sleep all day long. but is so happy when she wakes up. eats and plays for a a little bit and then wants to go back in her crib.
we tried oatmeal tonight. since she could not do the rice i thought we would try oatmeal.
we will see how she sleeps.

So EXCITED it is only a couple of months away from the memory makers "the big book of scrapbook pages" to come out in print! i am so excited to see my work in this book.
there is already pre-order online.
the second page in the pile is mine!!!! oh how i wish it was on top!

today when drew went on the daytona website and saw our picture on the top.
this picture has been used in advertising for years! it is so fun to see our picture in books and online! here is the book it was in!

mamma "race car" that is what i heard as i was laying dillon down for bed.
we had read books,
got his sip
his "b"
his other "b"
and his bear--
i thought it was all ready for him.
he kept saying race car.
so to make it easy i thought i would go grab one. hand it over and everything would be good. trying to be super mom i brought in "tommy", a car and a other little truck. he took them all looked @ them and looked back @ me and told me "race car".
i tried again with a actual "race car" he still was not satisfied..but then he looked @ me and said "water race car".
now why did he not say that right away. all he wanted was his race car cup. as i walked out i heard him throwing out all of the other toys. he is now sound asleep with his race car cup!
trying to get orders done for pLum while watching criminal minds.
they are in NORTH DAKOTA tonight. so fun to hear them talk about all the towns i know!
we had such a great weekend @ our girls weekend. and got so much done. even made a dance video. yes--really. we ate well, laughed hard and had so much fun! thanks girls!

better get back to work!

love this picture of dillon. he is checking out the tractor birthday supplies. he carried it around all day last week!!!


amber b said...
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amber b said...

I am starting to think we should be asking for royalties money from nascar for using our picture everywhere! Or at least some free race tickets!


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