twenty eleven

crazy. twenty eleven is here! 2010 went by oh so fast!
our lives have changed so much. we went from 3 to 4.
maybe 2011 we can be 5? j/k. drew says no way!
i am a sweet talker though....so who knows?!?!?!?

this is my attempt @ taking one picture of the two in SANTA hats.
did not work out so well.
out takes are sometimes my favorite! xoxoxoxo

we have had so much fun these last two weeks
i was for sure not ready for drew to go back to work on monday. having him home for almost 2 weeks was what we all needed!
we had fun @ the pool.
had friends over this weekend for supper and games!
((used my favorite self timer for a lovely picture))
celebrated the new year with friends. but by 9pm we were home. me sleeping on the couch by 9:30. and all sleeping by 11:30. my kind of night.

went snowmobiling with jenn and mike. on the coldest, windiest, snowiest day ever. i had not made it more than .1 miles away from our house and was stuck. so stuck.
everyone else got stuck too in due time.
drew went out the next day too with friends. he was loving it! they put on 110miles that day.
drew got to ice fish too. they even brought some home!

((love my new bookshelf dad-i painted this one yellow))

so we are back to the daily grind.
MOPS today.
yesterday a fun day in fargo with b & hayden.
thanks for being such great friends and meeting us! we love you all.
in less than three weeks i am off to a girls weekend.
in 10 days drew is off to the Canadian border to ice fish.
we are both so ((EXCITED))

drew is @ curling. me relaxing on the couch watching my tivo SVU.
goodnight xoxoxoxoxo


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

2010 did fly by!! I can't believe it has come and gone already.

Love the pics of the kids - esp the out takes! Too funny! They are both so cute!

Thanks for the sweet/supportive comment on my blog. Things get better each day and I know I made the right decision, which helps. :)

JJB said...

We look like a debacle in the group pic :-) Love it! I had so much fun!!


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