what a day.

this day has not exactly turned out as planned.
had a 11:45 appt with a salon owner in town and a 4:00 with a new babysitter
neither happened.
left a little early to run some errands.  came out to my car---car dead.  nothing
on the phone with a girlfriend. she came to jump it for me.  her husband came too from work.
did not work.
went in to the store to get someone to help.
long story--but to make it short three hours later we are home.   yikes.
thank goodness for a good friend nicole for saving us.  driving us around and home eventually.  so nothing got accomplished today.  
drew had a great time fishing and came home with a lot of fish.  so last night we had walleye and trout for supper.  dillon ate a huge walleye fillet.  he could not stop eating.
now the storms look like they are moving in again.  oh how i love midafternoon storms.  especially when we are home with nothing to do.  all i know if the AC is going to have to turn on soon.  

this is what we have found 3 days in a row now in dillons crib
look close on the right asia is in the crib!  and dillon on the left is all smiles.  i had to go and get the camera.  i know now why sometimes dillon does not want to sleep.  he wants to play with asia.  the door now has to be shut all the way. when he is napping.
sunday afternoon was nothing but a perfect day for being out on the lake!
we spent a couple of hours out just enjoying the sun then back to the beach to play in the sand and get in the water.  i love that it is may and we can be in the water.  atleast a little.

dillon is taking a nap.
i am watching the weather and updating pLum!  and of course doing a little searching online for nothing @ all.
found this shirt from a post from free people on fb. i am in love! it might have to be a purchase when baby girl arrives!
company is coming thursday.  i have tons to do.  why am i not doing them.
maybe i will go get some scrapping done--or some cleaning in there..or the rest of the house!
have a great day!


Cherry Blossoms said...

So jealous of your walleye meal! Oh how I miss walleye. Too funny about the cat and Dillon!

BetsE said...

That picture of Dillon and Asia is a riot!! TOO FUNNY!! :) I hope the weather continues to cooperate!

amber b said...

so funny - I didnt notice asia (or should I say "bai") in the picture right away! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks!!!!!


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