i love....

sunny bright mornings (like today)
the lake this morning (as calm and beautiful as ever)
that dillon is sound asleep @ 8:40am.  craziness
the TODAY show
the smell of fresh buns baking!  ((they are mixing right now-oh i love fresh buns))
excited for a morning walk with dillon (mid morning the way we are going today)
((he would not be sleeping but again for the third time his appt. was canceled last minute @ the clinic so we did not get him up!!!!  that makes me so irritated.  but he obviously needs the sleep))

dillon just loves his "bai"  he calls all cats "bai" .  asia is to hard to say i guess.

this last week we got a visit from the engers.  with the yuckie weather we took the kids to the holiday inn and they played and played and played for 2.5 hours!  they had way too much fun.  we all we tired out by 8pm.  

this weekend we visited some friends.  thanks for cooking H's!  the kids had so much fun in the yard playing together!!!  so fun @ this age when they can go go go and play together!

what else?
eating out on the deck.  one of our favorite things about summer!
boat rides
playing on the deck and on the beach!  
bath night every night now that we are full of sunscreen and sand every night!
riley is visiting for the week ((drews parents are off in memphis-to find ELVIS))

i am back tonite.  dillon finally woke up @ 9am!
we had a yummie breakfast of eggs and waffles!!!  
dillon's favorite thing about the day--BREAKFAST!  what else is there?!?!?!  it is my favorite too!
watching the HILLS and the CITY is up next-oh how i love TIVO.

had a fun dinner out tonite with friends!  we are that table now when we go out.  tonight we had     4 running toddlers, 2 babies and one on the way (our baby girl).  
we may be the loudest table
the table that gets up the most to run after one of three kids
maybe have the messiest table @ the end of the meal too!  
but i think we have the most fun too!  
the CITY here i come.

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the ritchie's said...

i LOVE...that you are enjoying motherhood, the beautiful weather, and LIFE. Very cute pictures playing outside Meg.


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