happy day.

happy belated mothers day to my wonderful mother! 
i got to celebrate with her this weekend as dillon and i went home friday night for a quick visit!!!  hope you had a great mothers day mom!  you deserve it!  
i love you xoxoxoxo

i am also blessed to be a mother!  
it is a blessing each and everyday.  thank you dillon for being in my life.  
i love you dillon. xoxoxox
((the above is our attempt @ getting good pictures on mothers day))
mothers day after church we took a sunday boat ride over to grandma and grandpas for some yummie food.  
thank goodness we got to see the sun atleast for a little bit!

mom, dillon and i asparagus hunting in the hills.  oh so yummie!
dillons new thing is to call all kitty's bai (short for bailey/one of our cats) so oliver got tackled, squeezed and laid on.  and called the wrong name!!!  :)  he is a good sport.
papa showed dillon is garden!  

dillon and papa driving the pickup while hunting for asparagus.   dillon got to show off his finds too! 
he played and played and played outside @ nana and papa's.  
the dirty, the water, the rocks----it all makes for a fun afternoon outside!     

it is tuesday.  dillon is back down for a nap.  
i did some quick cleaning on my scrap room. 
i just wish i could start all over!  it is such a mess.  
but got some fun new bobby pins made for pLum.  
doing some quick cleaning too.  
this afternoon we might head over to the hotel to do some swimming!  
got to get out of this house after all of this rain rain rain.
this week we have our 3-D ultrasound too!  i am so excited.  
i do not remember my whole dream but i do remember having a baby boy!  i woke up and was a bit scared that what if.....that closet will have to change back to blue, brown and grey!  yikes!
well i guess we will get some confirmation this week!
gotta go.

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