our family of 4

this week we got to do a 3-D ultrasound and see our little girl. (29 weeks)
she looks alot like dillon looked when we did this.
she likes to have her hands up in fighting position so we did not get many pictures of her face!!!
she is already defending herself against her big brother!!!!  xoxoxox
but she looks perfect to us and so excited to meet her in about 11 weeks!
still am in a little bit of shock that this is all happening.
but how often do we sleep through the night (well i should say how often do i?)
this means more love.
two cribs.
more diapers.
the new baby smell.
more cuddles, kisses and hugs.
and a family of 4.  
i think this is the craziest thing to say.  

the sun is shining
dillon is still sleeping
drew is out on the lake for fishing opener!

on the to do list.
plant my garden.
play outside.
play outside
boat ride
and play outside some more!
so glad we are all home this weekend!

i was a guest blogger HERE.  love amy's style.  
thanks for letting me do a little blogging for you.

have some fun pLum accessories to work on.  better do it this morning while he sleeps in!


Billie said...

A beautiful baby girl to meet in July. I can't wait. Those 3D ultrasounds are amazing! Have a great weekend!

Barker Family Blog said...

A perfect baby girl for a perfect family! You guys are very lucky!! I can't wait to meet our little sweetheart and see her in pink, pink and more pink!!!
Whoo Hoo! Love to all! Gramma Becky

Breanne Crawford said...

look at those biceps! :) haha! cant wait to "meet" her!!


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