i am in love....

with so many things right now.
maternity clothes not so much.  i am finding so many tops that i WANT or NEED right now and due to the size of my front side i am unable to have...... do not get me wrong i am super excited for the arrival of our little girl.  but truely can not wait to wear real clothes again.
i am trying to stay away from maternity tops.  ((i will buy if needed for the weddings we have)) and have bought jeans and will buy comfy pants for summer but tanks should do me just fine for the rest of pregnancy!  atleast i hope so!!!

loving everything @ FREE PEOPLE!  so many fun accessories and tops!  

these shoes are from IVORY and MOSS on etsy.  the whole shop is super cute and i can not wait to order these for baby girl b.  go check it out!
i have made a final decision on the dress form.  this is the one!  i can not wait to get it in her room.
i think drew might be picking up the crib tomorrow.  
found the changing pad covers on etsy also!  moving right along....... 
so many more things to do.  
like pick fabric for the bumper--and see if mom would mind sewing another for me!!  oxoxoxox
but the room is done!  thanks to the help of my parents who came friday night and drews family!  we got it fixed up, textured again and painted!  the grey looks so nice.  the closet system is in too!  some clothes are hung too!  no picture of the room.  nothing to see yet!    hopefully wont be long till there is more to show.

so in love with this top.  it comes in even more colors too.... i think i might have to get atleast one.  maybe it will fit now too!?!?!  maybe?
dillon is down for his pm nap. 
i should be napping too.  
i am exhausted but i am a sitting here blogging about nothing instead!  
dillon and i are heading to my parents tomorrow for the night.  saturday my mom and i are attending a wedding shower for my cousin!  so it will be a short trip.  but fun!
ok off to lay down.  if i do not get side tracked on the way to the couch!  


Breanne Crawford said...

love seeing the girlie stuff!! isnt it WAY too easy to shop for a girl??? i LOVE those shoes, too, and may have to get a pair for madelyn! i am super psyched for you and your growing family and think of you all the time!

Emily said...

Those little girlie shoes are so adorable!! Love em.


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