spring has sprung!

((we have been enjoying being outside and seeing the sun))
it has been so fun to be out in the sun and dillon loves it!  
we had a some fun dates with friends @ the park!  
nothing like eating yummie rocks for a couple of hours!
what a change from last summer.
tonight he saw the mower for the first time ((well atleast out of the garage)) and could not wait to get on it!!!  in a couple of years we can teach him to mow!  :)  ok maybe more than a couple of years but we will pay him to do it!!!

we had a great easter back @ my parents farm in ND!  my sister and her family were there too and gramma gigi!  the weather could not have been better for outside time all day saturday and sunday for an egg hunt. that darn easter bunny hid eggs all around.  even in a rose bush! (oopps)
and it would not be a family get together with my sister without a photo shoot!  i am so lucky to have her as a sister for many reasons of course but this is such a bonus!  this picture below is by me...so the good professional ones will be seen someday soon.  i just could not help but get a couple of pictures as she was shooting!  they all were just too cute!
thanks mom and dad for the great weekend!  xoxoxoxox

and then i also got miss j to do come modeling for me and some new headbands @ pLum!  she is by far the best little model.  she obviously has had much practice!!!  
she is a natural that is for sure!

tonight we (drew and i) had out first 2010 summer bonfire!  it was a bit chilly but by the fire we were just fine!  and we even made smores.  who needs to go out on a date when you had a little boy who who goes to bed @ 7pm and then you can enjoy a night by the fire.  the lake was so calm and peaceful it was a perfect night for it!
tomorrow drew is heading out for a bachelor party--dillon and i are going to bach it here @ home!  not much on our agenda!  thank goodness!  i am already dreaming about going to bed when he does!  
wed morning dillon and i went to visit one of my girlfriends and her family for the night in Lisbon, ND.  thanks betsy and the e's for having us!  so fun to hang out with bets and her family!  sure wish we lived a bit closer so we could do it more often.  her little guy H is 9 months older than dillon!  so it is going to be so much fun to have them grow up together!  and this summer we are hoping to see them more often.  ((her family has a lake cabin near here))

off to the couch for me.  
have a great weekend all
xoxo mb

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think your niece has a future as a model!! So adorable.

I can't wait to have a bonfire this summer!!


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