back @ it.

back to another monday.  
wow how time flies by.  
weekends and the weeks too.  we keep busy around here usually.  so there is not much time to sit and wonder what to do.....but i can not tell you exactly what we do each and every day.
this weekend drew went to mnpls to a bachelor party.  so when he left sat. morning dillon and i hung out all day.  naps, snacks, playing outside, a walk, errands and dinner @ a friends!  it was a great day.  sunday dillon took a 4 hour morning nap.  ((the house could have been clean from top to bottom in that time)) but instead i sat on the deck and got some sun and did some reading, crafting and relaxing!!!  that was much needed after another long night with dillon being up @ all hours!  i feel like i have an infant again.  maybe he is just being nice and getting me ready for 
baby b to come.  :)
grandma and grandpa barker came to visit yesterday along with great gramma and grandpa. 
that was a nice surprise!  dillon loves having company.

doctor visit. for dillon
going postal to ship some orders.
grocery shopping.
home to nap.
visit from mo and mari ((so fun to see you guys))
storytime @ the library.  they had a goat, lamb and a bunny there to see and pet.  dillon loved the animals.  we even got a free book.  
then home again and a quick visit from em and miss h.
dillon is sleeping now and drew @ a appt.
me watching dancing with the stars.  soon gossip girl.  sadly i think i will wait to watch it with drew.  he might not want to admit it but loved the show.  he always say lets watch it together.  he might feel a bit strange watching it by himself......but since he does not read this i can tell you all...that he LOVES IT.  knows everyones names and if you watch the show you will know what i am talking about when he does the commentary too.  :)  
that is why i love him! xoxoxox
off to relax!

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