happy earth day!

this is our favorite new thing to do when we are outside.
there is nothing like getting soaked---and the best part is not caring a bit about it but instead 
loving every second of it!
this is the best part of being a kid---getting dirty, getting wet, playing hard and doing it all over again!  i think having a child makes you be a child again.  helps you let go a bit!  who cares if they get dirty, if they eat a little dirt, get wet, eat late, go to bed way too late or do not eat anything for lunch but chicken nuggets!  they are kids let them be kids!!!
i loved growing up playing in the dirt  ((my nickname was PIGPEN)).  
i am guessing i ate my fair share of it too!  and i think i turned out alright.  atleast health wise!
so i will be the mom who lets their kids be kids!
i love you buddy!

  dillon thinks this is pretty funny! especially when someone 
just washed all of the doors and windows!  (that would be me)

after getting so dirty on the beach he took a dip in the lake.  yes April 21st 2010. 
((wow that is a record here to take a dip))
then off the the bath!
love this cute baby!  ((he might not be happy about it))  but he will be happy i did not post the ones i him getting dipped in.  those were XXX rated!

all four of us on the beach!
the boat is in the lake as of about 1 hour ago!  YIPEE.  that means a boat ride tomorrow night!

me getting the best snuggles last night when i was not feeling well.
today dillon spent some time with gramma barker today--so i could rest.  sadly i still look awful and feel not great but 100X better than i did yesterday!
new mini bobby pins @ pLum!  perfect for a little girl and mom to share!

off to take a bath.  need some (more) R & R.


Cherry Blossoms said...

You are such an awesome mom Meg! We need more moms like you!! Nothing bugs me more than germaphobias (if that is even a word??) that don't let their kids be kids.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog this morning. Hopefully someday I meet a guy who thinks I am funny. :)

And can i just say, 'hell yea!'! I agree with Heids. There are alot of germphobes out there. And really, we have the rest of our lives to live by strict schedules. So let kids be kids. I know I ate more than my share of dirt as a kid and I turned out fairly ok.

Hope you are back to 100% health very soon!


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