growing pains.......

.....or just too much sleep 
or whatever it is we are still not sleeping through the night.
unless you call one night in a row a STREAK??!??!?!  
it is a good start to one that is for sure but not a long enough streak to get mom and dad 
some good old fashion sleep!
a good friend of mine got me thinking and gave me the idea that maybe he is sleeping too much during the day?!?!?  he still takes two naps (which is so normal) but now that he is getting up in the middle of then night and wanting to play----maybe one is good for now!  thanks bets for the advice.... still working on getting that one to work out... and trying to get that one nap to last more than 1.5 hours!!  but we are on the right track!
so hopefully this changes soon b/c god knows we need some good sleep!
good thing he is such a darn good little boy and so darn cute that i am ok being a zombie @ all times. as long as he keeps me laughing and smiling! xoxoxo

i have been working on some fun new bobby pins for pLum!  

loving having some new projects to work on.

this weekend

friday supper here. gramma becky came over

dillon went home with her to play and sleep over

drew and i went to a friends house.  so fun to see good friends! then a quick stop @ Zorbaz

home and in bed by 11.  so excited to sleep in.

we did not wake up till 9:30.  (dillon also slept through the night)

cleaned out baby's room.

saturday night to ZORBAZ with friends for supper!

picked up paint and a closet system for baby's room

to the pool @ the DLCCC

on a walk.

and good sunday night TV

dillon @ ZORBAZ in his vintage 1983 t (it was borrowed to us from a friend--it was his from childhood)  oh how i love it!  there are 2 more for when he is bigger too!!!

monday night dillon learned to climb up his slide and down the middle...

back around and around we go.

he is getting so daring now... changing and learning everyday!

gets on and off his bike now too.  :)  most of the time not so smoothly but still is doing it!

today (tuesday) a friend and her 5 week old came over for the afternoon.  thankful for the sun.  we were out on the deck all day!  addison slept all day (most of the day) dillon and his buddy B took some naps and then we all played!  B's mom came to get him and hung out too for a couple of hours!  it is so fun to have some adult time with friends!!!  

thanks girls for the fun day!

so tired now. and ready for the HILLS and the CITY!  i think maybe the final season of both!

time to relax!




BetsE said...

i hope my advice helps...but you are his mama, so you know best! hoping you get some good sleep soon! or ship him here and we'll watch him while you sleep! :) take care!

Two Little Tots said...

my girls stopped taking 2 naps just before they were 1...early, but they would take a really long morning nap and then not go down for an afternoon nap...it was hard at first. i would pick up a copy of
healthy sleep habits happy child...the BEST sleep book...for every age/stage. if you don't have it, i would get it...my girls are great sleepers thanks to this book.

love your plum stuff!


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