almost 28 weeks already.  that means 12 to go!!  YIKES!
and our little guys is almost 15 months old!  
i can hardly believe it.
this week he has really changed. 
talks constantly.  
has his molars on top.
listens so well.
loves his night time books.
knows how to say.
mum mum (sadly that was his first word-reffering to his treats and not me), mumm, da da, baaall.... and a lot of others too when asked to repeat.  but those 4 are his favorites.
still crosses his feet @ all times!
is the best snuggler i know!
loves to flirt with anyone!
not shy.
laughs constantly!
and is loved more than he will ever know!!!  xoxoxoxo

  • today had lunch with a girlfriend and her youngest daughter.  such a fun girls lunch!  we literally live about 2 miles from each other but rarely see one another!  
  • last night with out with 9 of my girlfriends for here in DL to Vergas to have a little girl talk and eat.  we got lucky (if you call if that) and they had BINGO!  no one won a thing!!!  but we had a great time!  always fun to get out with just the girls!
  • tonight went back to ZORBAZ with drews parents, sister, boyfriend and his son. they are all still out.  i came home.  dillon needed to go to bed!
  • i did a little more prep on the baby's room.  my parents should be here any minute to start being our slave labor for the weekend!  xoxooxox  
  • earlier this week i got to take some pictures of a friends 6 week old! we took about 1300 photos.  i had no idea what i was doing--so i took a little more than was needed!  so i knew i could get a couple of good shots!  and we are having another shoot soon...she would not sleep so we did not get some of the ones we wanted!
  • drew got his first game of golf in this year today.  in the rain.  of course on his last hole the sun came out!  but he had a good time and he is willing to play in the rain.
  • watching Dateline.  a good one as always!
  • have been working on a lot of DIY embellished tshirts/tanks! the first one was not so good.  (in the first picture)  i sewed the tshirt together twice.  so it is a one time wear...but SEW cute to wear out last night!  have more to make!  have to stop working on them until this room is done for baby B.
  • made some fun new bobby pins with felt buttons!  i think they turned out so cute!


Cherry Blossoms said...

Meg you are sooo tiny for only 12 weeks to go!! Hot momma you are!! And yes please on the tee. Would love to order one so sign me up when you have time! Enjoy your weekend.

the ritchie's said...

oh my gosh meg...you made your shirt you were wearing. Adorable. J.crew will be calling. Not that I didn't think your creative mind couldn't. Super cute.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You look fantastic, Meg! Love the shirt. You are so darn talented. i can't believe you only have 12 weeks to go. Seems like you were just telling us you were expecting!

Billie said...

You forgot one of Dillon's words: rock.

Billie said...

Oh. And, I love all the new bobby pins you are making. Bring an assortment on Sunday and the girls and I will buy some.

Amy said...

omg so cute! you are blessed! :)

Emily said...

So cute. that top is adorable!


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