white stuff in the air....

yes snow. wow where did fall go. or why didnt it come?
so crazy to see snow in the deck with green leaves on the tree's.
i am home from a couple of days in mnpls for meetings. and a little bit of much needed time @ my sisters. so fun to see my niece and nephews, my mom, sister and brother in law. thanks for letting me stay! love you all.
so glad to be home to see my little d. i swear he grew while i was gone!!!
this weekend we are hanging around home!
i think half of everyone i know is sick and i am still not feeling the best..... as long as i can keep dillon from getting sick again we are good. :)
heading to bed!


BetsE said...

That's where you were this week. Haven't talked to you in awhile. Hope to see you this week. Talk soon!

Emily said...

I am so jealous...snow is not ever seen around me!

Vee said...

hope you are feeling better! I am so not ready for the white stuff yet but I know it will be here soon. xo


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