last week my mom helped me out since daycare was closed. so we got to see nana and papa (mom and dad) and gigi great gramma johnson! got tons of apples from their trees and am dehydrating as we speak. that is why i am up on my blog. i have to leave for work tomorrow for the night again and want these to be dry!! so i am waiting up! way way past my bedtime!!!
last week we got to help this adorable hattie celebrate her 1st birthday! she is such a doll! thanks to R's for the great party! we had such a fun time!!! and our pumpkin is for sure scaring away strangers on the porch!!!

dillon thinks his cousin cooper is pretty funny! we had a great time @ his 5th birthday party on sunday!! thanks for the fun afternoon johnson's. someone must have slipped dillon some cake b/c he stayed up till 10pm....then we finally coaxed him to bed! so unusual! but he was so darn funny! i could not help but laugh and keep him up with me!

how cute are these three? kobey is now 8 and cooper 5! yikes how time flies!
got to see gramme eklund this week and aunti jj too!!
whats new with dillon...........
mastering the downward dog. he thinks yoga is way cooler than crawling!!!
starting to crawl. found out tonite much easier in no pants!!! i just want to pick him up everytime he starts getting good! way too soon for me to see him crawling!
constantly smiling. of course with his mouth wide open...... where could he of got that?!?! :)
laughs all of the time!
got his first haircut on sunday morning by nana. he had hair hanging over his ears and had a bit of a mullet so she trimmed it up for us a bit! it looks great now!
he is 20lbs 4oz now! exactlty on the 50th percentile for height and weight now!
still spitting up like crazy. especially on me! the gastro doctor told me to wear the spit up with pride. b/c dillon is so darn cute!! dillon loved him and the med student!
has a new friend @ daycare. a new baby started today!!!

i probably have a ton more i could write... trust me it would not be exciting but i think i need to go to bed.... so unplug the dryer and i am off to bed!

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amber b said...

love Dillon's halloween jammies!!
so bummed that i wont be able to hang out this weekend- i was really looking forward to it :(


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