getting ready

***the photo of us was taken by mandy birdwell photography***
the day is getting closer and closer--i think it might be all i think about and all i talk about and all i write about too...... there is not much else going on in my life right now. drew goes to work and i stay home and do who knows what all day everyday! my sister laughs b/c the other day i must have left her a voicemail and told her i was bored so i was making jello--that is all i could think of to to. and sadly one of the only things i can make! it would be a good time to learn to make something else i am guessing but i have not gotten that far yet.

we are getting another ultrasound next monday! i am so excited to see baby b. i am measuring a couple of weeks ahead of schedule so we are going to see his size and weight!! so we might be seeing a baby in jan instead of feb!!! :)

we went to the viking playoff game last weekend with the buzkicks! we had a great time even though the vikings lost! the same weekend drews family threw me a family baby shower! baby barker is so spoiled already and his closet if so full i dont know what we will do when he actaully arrives. thanks for the great shower everyone and especailly billie for hosting! i need that recipe for that drink! i loved it.
just found this picture of drew out snowvblowing during one of the last storms! you can not really see the actual amount of snow but it was to his waist in some spots! everytime i would go out the front door to take a picture my lens would fog up! we get so much snow built up in our driveway with the garage on that side! what a sport for loving to go out there to get us out of our driveway! thanks baby! i am so glad i do not have to go out there to do this!


administration said...

Love the chair! That's so exciting about the ultrasound-should I bring the tea on Saturday : ) Can't wait to see everyone.


Becky and Greg said...

I just LOVE the new pics posted - especially the "heart" on your belly pic. That is just Beautiful! Those are such precious pictures you will cherish forever! Your sister is so talented, but the "three" of you are so beautiful it must make it easier! :) Love you all, and I can't wait to meet "grandbaby Barker"!! Grandma Becky

the ritchie's said...

Meg, Looks like the chair came. It is so cute and very much you. We will see you on Saturday at your baby shower!

BetsE said...

So so so cute! I can't wait to see the baby's room finished. And the pictures Mandy took! My goodness! Took my breath away! You are so lucky to have her to document this time. We need to talk soon. It has been too long and I need an update on everything. I'll be in touch this week sometime.


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