where do they find some of these girls for the BACHELOR?!?!!? i am in awe right now... here is the best line so far i think

i live my life to serve other people. i am a role model to other girls and i dont make any money doing it.. but i love it--its the most rewarding thing in the world. so having a week or ten days where to do nothing and not help anybody and not have anyone thank me, or appreciate me or praise god i am in their life ...... has been driving me crazy!
WHat?!?!?!?!?! i am not sure but thats sound crazy to me.....who says that.

i am loving that all the shows are back on--with new shows!
our friends the hochgrabers had a beautiful baby girl yesterday morning! AUDREY JEAN! she is so tiny and cute... congrats you guys! i forgot to bring my camera when we went yesterday so i will have to get some today when i go!

our annual girls scrap weekend starts today!!! i am so bummed out.... i obviously dont get to go---also drew would be going to his annual fishing trip to brainerd too. we are both kind of sad--but have lots of errands to run to get ready for baby b to make his arrival!
this is drew and some of our friends b/f they went out on a day trip last weekend! they had a great time and i think are ready to go again soon!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

OMG - I felt the same way about that comment! I was watching it w/ Heidi & we were both like - what? So, she needs people to constantly thank her?? I can't believe he kept her.

Who are your favorites? I really like Jillian and Stephanie. Although Stephanie needs to lay off the make-up - she looks so much better when she isn't wearing much!

I obviously have no life since I am so into this show....

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...
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ExecSearchPro said...

Ha, love the bachelor comment. Wasn't that the Natalie girl from Chicago? She was a jem! "I mean, not to sound conceited but I am like, SUPER attractive and he would be lucky to be with me!" or "This is like my dream, having somebody buy me clothes!"



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