25 random facts

i have been tagged by jess on 25 random things about me.
i was tagged on facebook at one point too and did not do it so here goes!
i would like to tag anyone who reads this! let me know if you add yours to your blog! i love reading these!
  1. i was born in britton sd--random fact about this is that my mom thought she had cancer when she did not know she was pregnant! who knew it was just me! sounds like i might have been a bit of a mistake!
  2. i love freezies--but not the blue or yellow. thank goodness jayden and jake like them! come see me!
  3. i was the limbo champ of my high school at operation graduation! (now thats impressive)
  4. i think my husband can read my mind--he always knows exactly what i am about to say! and it drives me crazy!
  5. i married my college sweetheart! (its been 9 years--yikes)
  6. i love my dads egg pancakes! we had them last time he was here! maybe i will get them again when they come to see the baby!! YIPEE
  7. i lived in NY for a summer and was a nanny!
  8. i had pet cows growing up--norman, baxter, justice, clyde and stormin norman! and took them to the fair each year!
  9. i love surprises- (hint hint honey!)
  10. i could live in my sweatpants each and everyday!
  11. my husband thinks i am a gypsie!
  12. i like nascar! i know i know---but after you go to a race you would love it too! soon our sundays will once again be dedicated to it! go HARVICK!
  13. i could lay on my floatie all day long and not get bored... and maybe finish a book too!
  14. drew swears i now snore (i dont know if i believe him) i blame it on pregnancy!
  15. i once won an oreo stacking contest in a local grocery store. i won the zelda game! :)
  16. i have always wished a bit that i had really dark hair! i think it would be fun to try! :) i did once low light my hair and everyone said---change it back!
  17. when i like a shirt i buy it in all colors available! i cant help it! :)
  18. i am scared of the dark! another secret is that drew is too
  19. i love to read but mostly just in the summer. i could read smut magazines or books on my lawn chair or floatie but i have a really hard time reading in the winter! i am currently reading the baby whisperer! :)
  20. i love law and order SVU---i could watch it all day and night
  21. i have a very short memory-- which comes in handy for tv shows, movies and books--b/c i can read or watch again and again and forget how they end!
  22. my favorite colors are brown and pink
  23. i love my cats but wish they would not shed!
  24. i wish our families could all live closer! so we could do a random Wednesday night dinner!
  25. there is not place i would rather live than here on the lake!

our basement is starting to look great! the tile is going down right now!!!

i went to visit the hochgrabers new baby audrey! she is just such a peanut! so precious! and i even got to feed her!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You are too cute Megan!! I also love Freezies. I can't stop eating them!

Natalie said...

Love your blog! I found it through a friend of mine.
I played the random fact game.. It's on my blog now.

Unknown said...

I love love my mom's egg pancakes...i bet they are the same. they are the best thing i look forward to them when i go home too!!


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