why is it so hard for me to find boy bedding........ i am searching searching searching for crib bedding that i love and am having the worst time. I have found 2 that I like .... myabe when i see them in person I will change my mind and fall in love with them! I have in fact though found a glider and ottoman. :) Drew says the $2,500 one from pottery barn is out of the question so I searched for another one and have found some..... with a smaller price tag! Good thing I started off with wanting on with such a high price tag b/ now I look like I am budgeting so well!!!
we found out this week some of our best friends that are due the day b/f us are also having a baby BOY!! we are so happy for them and so excited to raise our little boys together! we used to live in the same town just a few miles away and now we live about 200 miles apart!! :)
I do not know if you are a Gossip Girl fan or not but I sure am!! not exactly sure why.... but it is addictive! i am hating on S a little....... kind of understand her but was no impressed Monday.
going to the CARRIE UNDERWOOD concert this weekend with the friends i mentioned earlier!! so excited.. i love her and think she is great in concert!!!
craving perkins--cinnamon french toast! when drew gets home i am going to see if i can get him to go! :) so cooking or cleaning up--i think it sounds fabulous!
Baby Boy Barker got his first package in the mail yesterday. Thanks Great aunt billie and mark for the present! love the bear! so darn cute!! :) he will love it too!!!!!!!!!
better get going.. gotta get my fun expense reports done and calls for today!!!


Billie said...

You are welcome. Andrew: you will notice that the package was NOT addressed to Dale Junior Barker. :-)

amber b said...

I bought Mason's bedding (like 3 months ago! I couldn't wait) at www.babysupermall.com --- I liked it because you can search by theme- like for me I searched by "Jungle" theme... I think we got an entire set for under $200! Drew would be impressed with that! :) I am having the hardest time ever trying to find a crib changing table and dresser!

Anne said...

Have you ever heard of Land of Nod...super duper cute stuff....


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