watching the newest SURVIVOR!! looks like a good one. they got all the elements of who if making this watch worthy... the old, the liars, the B*TCH, the good looking, the wierdos...everything! maybe again my family and i will have to try out for THE AMAZING RACE.... we got so close last time and i still wish we would have made that final cut! now with the cahnges in my life it will be hard..... but someday someday someday!! you never know! you still might see me on TV--and if not the amazing race.... maybe SURVIVOR!!!
Greys starts its new season tonight! so excited..... thank god for TIVO--b/c i will not have to sit for 2 whole hours... just about 1.20 with the fast forward! :)
been sitting here again searching for baby bedding! thanks for your comments and emails about where to find bedding! i appreciate it! i think i might be too picky. wish i could make it! :)
not only bedding but clothes too...... finding so many cute things!
and also drew has been vetoing my list of names forever! and last night i made him go through the top 100 names or 1000 or something and he found one! i am not going to Jinx it and say it now but it is not something i thought he would ever like! so today i am just calling him henry! and maybe tomorrow JAX! love that name.....

anywho here is my fashion preview for little baby barker!


Anne said...

I just started checking out your blog. Found it on your sisters site....hoping someday she can take our family pictures!! I used to work with Katie Otteson so found her through her! hehe Anyway..love you choice of clothes! I was going to say the exact samet hing about you making it after I wrote in about Land of Nod. My mom is a big quilter and I"m extremely picky but I had her make a bumper and quilt for each of my kids..including my son so it's something they can hold on to. I love it still to this day...so I thought forsure you'd make something super neat!! YOu should think about it!!

Linds said...

hey...didnt mandy have your mom make one for jayden?? why dont you find some cool fabric and have your mom make it?!?! if i could sew i so would make it for you...but i cant. im not overly creative...but i can cook is there anything i can cook for you? hehe

Vee said...

love those outfits, ultra adorable!! ;)


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