this weekend we got so much done.
with the help of drews parents we got the canopy off the lift. the boat out of the water. the beach cleaned up. the babys room emptied out. the boat cleaned out. the garage cleaned. the rooms moved around. it is so nice to have the babys room now empty. this afternoon i got most of the craft stuff out and moved down to my new room and now on the floor is stuff i think i just need to throw! there is nothing better than moving rooms around and finding all of that stuff that you did not know you had that you are so excited to find or ready to throw(that you should have forever ago..but did not)!!! :) i found lots of that throw away stuff--not too much that i was excited to have! but now the fun starts--we get to start picking out the fun paint colors and getting ready to get all of that done!
bailey and asia are not sure about what is going on around here today! sure hope they are ok when this baby boy comes home.
if not anyone want 2 cats???????.... the only down fall is one is bipolar and the other add and many other things that we are not sure what to even call them. i can not even explain! but i swear when its just drew and i @ home they are so great! how can you resist these cute faces???

better get going and watch cold case and criminal minds and i get to do my back stretchs and exercises! back to PT for me! i have a good friend who is a PT and is helping me out a ton with my back problems! she is a saint.


Linds said...

LOL...you are soo right bailey is totally bipolar...they have meds for that ya know! :) hehe i know you say hes great when its just you guys home, but that cat scares the crap out of me!! :)

amber b said...

haha you made me laugh out loud when I was reading about your cats! I think Bobby would be too afraid for us to ever adopt Bailey, he is always so scared of him! :) I can't wait to see the emptied out babyroom! Have you picked out a bedding set or anything yet??


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