becoming a family of 3

how things can change in life...
(i felt the baby move for the first time on saturday!! i thought maybe b/f i had felt it but now that i really have felt it i know! i am so excited and the doctor said today that i will start feeling that soon almost everyday!!!)
we spent this past weekend in mnpls and i think for the first time i noticed how many things have changed in our lives...
we did a lot of shopping for strollers, car seats, clothes, maternity clothes.........i do not get it.... my husband thinks buying maternity clothes is fun (well i guess it is) but i would much rather be buying stuff @ the express or urban outfitters........... but nope.. motherhood maternity is where i spent my money!!! oh and of course aarchivers too! i had to get something--craft weekend is coming up soon!

these are my new loves..

i love love love this stroller! so easy and portable! can not wait to get it!!!
speaking of the baby (dale jf--as drew calls him or her) we find out NEXT THURSDAY!!!! i am so excited... i tried and begged a bit to find out this week but they really like to find out after 20 weeks. oh well it is coming soon! just hard to wait!


BetsE said...

Isn't it the best feeling ever feeling the baby move. I can't wait for next week to find out if we can start buying pink or blue. :)

Linds said...

Yeah!! I cant wait to find out whats been kicking you. :) I remember the first time I felt both kids kick me for the first time...its amazing! And the bigger the baby gets the cooler it is. Call us when you find out next week..call me at work if Im here!!

amber b said...

isn't "going to be a mom" great? sometimes i just sit and think oh wow we are really going to be parents!!! I think that I have felt baby movements too but I have been trying not to get too excited incase I am wrong, because I dont know what to expect! When we get back from NYC I am going to have to go maternity clothes shopping too - my clothes are getting pretty tight! Can't wait to see you & take lots of belly pictures together on the 27th!


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