we have......

  • the saturday of labor day we headed to a friends out on turtle lake! windy windy windy but their yard made for a perfect day out in the sun! and they are due in about 3 weeks! another girl!
  • then sunday we had a end of the summer party @ our house on labor day! besides the wind we had a perfect day! we took out our boat and drews gramma and grandpas pontoon and beached up where it was calm as can be! grilled, played bean bags and then the guys stayed out late... doing who knows what???

  • we also attended "rollag" the steam threshers reunion with my parents on monday! still windy but it was a fun day!
  • mom and dad found us a great dresser for the baby---one i can paint and make so cute! so exited!

  • last weekend we stayed @ the birdwells.... mandy went with us shopping to help us decide what we really need for this baby... b/c god knows i want one of everything!
  • saw miss jayden play soccer! so cute! she just started kindergarten and seems to be loving it!

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