welcome fall.

if you can call 85 and sunny fall weather.

can you say overload. i have been MIA for almost 2 months. i am back and plan to get back in it!!

it feels like summer has not left us yet! this has been the best fall that i can remember.
we have had a crazy last couple of months! park, gymnastics, library, MOPS, walks, girls weekends, mnpls trips, vikings game, tamarac, pool, backyard, walks and so much more!

dillon and drew are on their way home from the farm. they went for the afternoon to ride with grandpa in the combine!!! dillon was so EXCITED! never lived on a farm.. but a farm boiy at heart!!! pres and i got some girl time.
a long walk and a yummie supper @ Zorbaz with friends!!! and then a stop @ grammas too!
and now it is mommy's time!!!
i am not sewing, cleaning or doing anything..... wow and this feels so good!

We got a little sneak peak of our family photo shoot from sept! and yes drew was at the shoor just not in these couple of shots! so so so EXCITED to see the rest of them! thanks
mandy birdwell photoography!!! i love you!

i wish i could find all of the notes that i write down during the week. i love writing down the funny things that dillon and preslee do or say. but the problem with this is that i lose them. oh they will be found again but i do not have them now!

miss preslee is so funny and has such an attitude. and such a perfect little dimple. my girl is still not walking but oh so fast crawling!! up and down the stairs, ladders or up on the table she goes. when she gets bigger she might be in charge!!! she does not let him push her around. if she does not fight back she just throws a fit!!! (drew says she has my temper.... i think not)

this proves she does not let him take control.
1. pres has a toy and is getting up to the table. (dillon eyeing the train)
2. dillon takes it.
3. pres not a fan of that and grabs it back and gets away fast!!!

Dillon is as funny as ever. loves to play band. love to play catch, football, tackle, caillou (his best friend) loves to push around his sister (she does not take it well) loves tractors, trains and anything with wheels! finally getting the hang of time outs! he should be he is in there a lot lately!!! boy he knows how to push buttons!!! but that is what i love about kids!!! they keep you on your toes!
"mommy i need to wash the dishes... because i need too." and he did. and i can not believe it but he did a good job. (but do not worry i washed them over just to be sure)

here is a little peak of what we have been up too.
two of our wonderful friends had baby's in august! clara and chase!
love you both.
and we are blesses to be the godparents to mr. chase! so excited to be a part of his life!!!!
lots of time @ the lakes.
playing in the sand. on the swingset!
wefest. a wonderful girls weekend!!! xoxoxox
the wiggles.
just playing @ home!
vikings game. even got to be on the field with ms ANNE! so fun.
all dillon could talk about how big the players were for days!!!
pontoon rides with friends.
cousins birthday party!

i have been back in my scrap room a lot lately. mostly cleaning .. but also got a fun mini album done all about pres and a couple of pages atleast started!!!
girls weekend scrapping is in a couple of weeks and i am oh so EXCITED! a girls weekend away, wine and crafts. there is nothing i need more!

its late and time for bed!

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