made my day.

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  • seeing dillon asleep in his bed like such a big boy!!!
  • the funny texts and emails i got after i posted BIG NEWS on my blog. no no and no there is not another baby barker on the way.!!! ooops...nope just miss preslee taking some steps!
  • a text from my husband telling me the meatballs i made last night were AWESOME. thank goodness i have been working on getting them right for years! i am on the right track.
  • the coffee from the gas station this morning. since we were all out of coffee.
  • my new glue gun. it really is amazing!
  • getting to talk to my one my besties 3 times today already!!!
  • the excitement i get when i think of new projects for pLum!!!
  • the sweet messages from a friend that made my day!
  • that crewcuts started a baby line. see HERE.


Unknown said...

Hey....missed you this morning....Jack was not into it AT ALL...we left right after stretching! Hope we see you soon!

Unknown said...

Oh, and way to go Pres and Dillon! Gettin so big!


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