changes... and big news!

Being happy is in our on control.
we decide who we will be each morning. how we will act and how we will treat others! so do not blame others on your actions. YOU are the only one that make those decisions.
and it is so TRUE. when we are happy we are the prettiest. inside and out.
The best people u can have in your life are the ones that love your flaws and allow u to be yourself.
True friends stay around through the hard times; never leaving your side or walking away.
Style is a voice, not a prop or an action. If you can buy it, borrow it, download it, or steal it, it is not a style. Don't look outward for your style; look inward.
Be BOLD!- Accept critique, but don't apply it blindly. Just because someone said it does not make it so. Critiques are opinions, nothing more. Consider the advice, consider the perspective of the advice giver, consider your style and what you want to convey in your work. Implement only what makes sense to implement. That doesn't make you ungrateful, it makes you independent.

- Never apologize for your own sense of beauty. Nobody can tell you what you should love. Do what you do brazenly and unapologetically. You cannot build your sense of aesthetics on a concensus.

((images via pinterest))

this wall hanging needs to be on my wall!!!
it speaks the truth. and what we should all live by.
sometime as parents. we need to put down the everyday things, the computer, the vacuum, phone, rag, dishes or anything that CAN WAIT. to just be. to listen, read and to play!
one of my favorite things is when dillon says "mom will you play tractors with me?". there is nothing that makes him happier right now!

changes. it is what we are going through.
big news is what i have to share!

dillon has moved into a big boy bed.
so far not so good!!! lets be honest. at time i am wishing the crib was still set up b.c i might cave and put him in it! he misses it and wants it back. but tonight he was so tired from two days without a nap that he crashed!!! thank goodness. i left the house to go see a friend and when i got home it was a nice surprise to hear that he went down w.o a problem!!!
YEAH Dillon!!!
now i just need to finish decorating his room. what to do.. what to do...
i have some ideas... but where to start?

and little PJ took two steps yesterday!!!
so funny how things can change. there has not been much trying since. but it was so fun! I screamed and i think i scared her and she did not want to do it much after that!!! it will not be long now until we see her running across the room! I am oh so EXCITED!

we got our family pictures taken at the end of sept in Minneapolis by MANDY BIRDWELL photography of course! b.c she is the BEST and my sweet sister! i could not have been happier! the pictures are OH SO AMAZING!!! here is a small sneak of them. we are a bit spoiled by her and get so many and i wish i could share them all with you! it takes a special person to be a photographer. not just anyone with a good camera can take amazing pictures!!! it is one hard job and she has the gift! if you were at this shoot with us. or both of the shoots i should say. (actually 3-pres got one all to herself day 3) you would have thought how will she ever get a good picture?!?!? well i was proven wrong again by her! she is amazing! thank you thank you thank you!!!!

we had such a fun weekend. friday afternoon we headed to Warren MN to see some good friends! kids played, ate a yummie super, played cards and WOULD YOU RATHER. and Saturday we headed to GF for UND homecoming. we visited our old stomping grounds. SIG EP, DG. parade and tailgating. has so much fun but the kids were anything but ready to watch a football game so we headed home with two snoring kids in the backseat!

i have had some time lately for some projects.

did some chevron pumpkins that i saw on pinterest! oh how i love them!
this summer made a fun memory game with a friend. we did pictures on one side and if i would have been thinking i would have done the memory game on the back with the paper too. but i thought of that a little late! such a fun game to have in a jar on the shelf out on display.
can not wait to add to it soon.

made my first mosaic project. a friend asked if i wanted to join her and some friends to go to "the glass lady" for a mosiac project. i said yes b.c i love time with friends but i was thinking what am i going to do with this when we are done? but when we got to the class. i was so excited. i love the project and we can not wait to go back for another class soon!

the firestation fieldtrip! the kids loved it.

visiting gramma leona.

look at this picture!!! can you seriously tell me you think they do not look alike?!?!?!
i know i know... black hair, red hair... but look at those features!

the kids and i got to spend some time @ my parents farm!
dillon loves to be at the farm so much! he loved helping in the garden, riding in the bobcat, 4-wheeler and going to gramma GG's for cookies!!!

thursday we head away for a girls weekend.
i am so EXCITED and admit i am counting the hours for some real SLEEP, girl talk and some wine... and oh yeah some scrapbooking!!!

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The Badureks said...

You are seriously the best looking family ever!! Love all the pictures and so does Reagan! All love the beginning of the blog and LOVE you!! xoxo


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