give me patience and a smile to get my through!!! (or a bottle of wine)
we all have days like this! (this as in my day today. yikes)
skipping, laughing, tickling, dancing or
playing peek a boo a million times is sometimes all that will get us through!

((bloopers from our recent photo shoot with miss mandy birdwell photography))

i sure hope it is just new teeth for my little pj. she does only have 4 and is almot 15 months old! so we are due for some rough days and maybe a growth spurt for D.
lets just hope it passes soon!
or just remembering that tomorrow will be like this!
full of laughter and fun!


The Badureks said...


BetsE said...

seriously, that pic of pres on the chair is just too darn funny!! love it! and her! :)

the ritchie's said...

If it makes you feel any better you are not alone...our photo shoot looked very similar for the entire 1 and a half. :)
These are the best pictures. They will love seeing them in 15 years.


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