let me count the ways.

oh how i LOVE (him) thee
i am so super lucky to stay @ home with this munchkin each and everyday!
he makes me laugh, giggle, smile and oh sometimes want to pull my hair out but i love him more than anything!  
i can not resist that little grin, smirk and laugh that he knows exactly when to show me!
i know our lives are about to change (5 weeks) and it will be a crazy adventure---so i am soaking in all of these moments with my little boy while i can!  just me and dillon.  (drew too of course) but the week days are just OURS for our many adventures, laughs and memories!  
i would not trade it for the world! 


amber b said...

love it! :)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oh my gosh, he is so darn cute! He is at such a fun age. I mean, all of the ages are fun, but the older they get, the more fun they are!

Enjoy these last weekend before his sister arrives!

Billie said...


The Elliott Boyz said...

We check your blog everyday just to see the Baby Barker float around and your under 30 days YEAH! Can't wait to see what a great "BIG" brother Dillon is going to be. Luv the mirror photos!


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