big news....

ok well it is not that big of news to any of you....but here @ our house it it considered BIG NEWS!!!  dillon went to bed w.o his bottle!     i know i know what some of you are thinking he is 16months and you are about to have another baby and it is about DARN time.... well that may be.  but he loves it (or we do) and we started weaning him off this week.  not really sure how to do it we just decided to give him less and less for two nights and tonite i gave him a bottle of warm water.  he looked @ it very funny.  took a drink and made the funniest face and looked back @ my as if i had given him something so nasty tasting.  so i handed him his "sip" and he drank that with dad as they read books and he went right to sleep.  it is amazing what one night can change.  last night we were not going to give him one either but when he was ready for bed we were walking back to his room and he noticed i did not have it and he waited in the doorway and pointed back like "mom you forgot something..." and his dad is a bit of a pushover.....so he made him a couple of ounces.  but tonight there was not fuss @ all.  lets see if we can make this a streak!  YEAH US!!!

today we spent a lot of time in the play room.  rain rain go away is what we sang all day!  and it did come out to play @ about 7:15pm.  we went out on a boat ride quick and it actually got warm!  and tomorrow the forecast is good.  we have a playdate @ the public beach with lots of friends so we are praying that "hutch" is correct with his forecast!

dillon last week @ the holiday inn on a rainy day!

thursday dillon and i headed to the cabin.  oh how i love this place!  it was built the summer i was born so i know nothing different but this place---and i have such great memories there growing up.  is is where we always were and where i always wanted to be!
my parents and gramma gigi were there.
friday we did hit up a lot of garage sales! for things we could not live w.o.
friday night i headed home.
sat. dillon got to go with nana and papa and gigi to fergus falls to the norwegian festival!  he had so much fun.  and i guess loves lefsa!  i knew there was some norwegian in him somewhere!
picked up drew from a boys fishing weekend.  and saturday morning we headed to mnpls so he could go to the twins game and me shop for miss baby b.
back sunday to pick up mr dillon and see the family!

dillon thinks papa is just too funny!  oh to hear this laugh! he could not get enough.

they have the best beach.  it is so great-so much sand and so easy for little ones to walk in and out.  wish ours was a little more like this one!  dillon had so much fun in the water. even though it was not warm or sunny @ all.   and yes the water is that dirty in his bath! :)

it has been a busy week.
monday.  haircut.  park w. e & h.  
home to nap.
drew came home i did errands.
got scrapjacked layout done! finally i am such a procrastinator!  
pLum custom orders done!
working on some more for b. salon.  
so much harder getting things done lately.  getting more uncomfortable every night. 
so ready for baby b. to arrive. and i feel so much more prepared after shopping sat.
mom and dad found us a dresser and today they were working on it for me and getting it all prepared for me to paint it!!  i am so EXCITED to get it in the room!  thanks mom and dad for all of your work!! what would i do w.o them?
and the dress form should be here tomorrow!  i have been on ups tracking about 100 times in the last couple of days watching it move across the country to my front door!

alright i better get back to my pile of fabric.  
or head to bed.  
#2 might win.


Cherry Blossoms said...

I can't wait to see photos of miss b's nursery! We find out on July 12th what we are having! I am getting so impatient as I have baby shopping fever on my mind.

amber b said...

hurray for dillon!!! mason has had a few "relapses" too with his bottle but we are working through it! :)


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