better late than never.

that has been my motto on a lot of things lately.  
too many things to get done makes me not want to do anything!!

but most importantly HAPPY FATHER's DAY to all fathers but most importantly
DREW-for being such a great daddy to dillon. xoxoxoox  (dillon sends his love)
my FATHER!  thanks for everything!  what would i do without you? I LOVE YOU!
and drew's FATHER!  you raised one great son!  
happy 40th wedding anniversary to my parents!
thanks for showing us what LOVE is. and being wonderful parents and loving one another!

dillon and drew on fathers day!  
he was not awake for most of the day.  his day went something like this.
we woke him up @ 9:30
ate breakfast.
woke up @ 2:30.
took lunch out on the boat.
4:00. tantrum.
back to sleep till 6:15.
on the + side. drew and i got 2 hours in the afternoon to lay on our lawn chairs in the lake and relax together!  we have not done that in a long time and we enjoyed it!!!  he with a beer and me with my water jug!

we got to go to our friends little girls 3rd birthday party on saturday!  it was a perfect day to be on the lake!  the sun came out just in time for the party!  happy birthday miss E!

we now have a beach date with the mommies and kids on wednesday's in town.  last week was finally nice enough to start!  we had a great time!  even though there is swimmers itch and some of us got it!  (including me)   breck was hoping he would find some pop in this can!

last week i got to go see miss CARRIE UNDERWOOD!  i am a huge fan. and was not disappointed @ all.  i saw her not to long ago in GF and she was great but this concert was even better! she is such a great entertainer!  :) and has the best outfits.  ok--so i would not wear most of them (ok-any of them). but for her in this show--they are great!  thanks girls i had a great time!

  what else??!?
  • i have been loving the bachelorette.  love a couple of the guys. and can not wait for next week! looks like lots of drama!
  • who knew there was a texting champion of the world?
  • have been loving the outdoors w.dillon.  he is on the go always now.  we go go go and by the end of the day we are ready for a good nights sleep!  me maybe more than him...
  • drew is in another golf tournament today.  not sure how they did yet?  
  • backed into our friends car today in our turnaround.....i feel so bad.
  • went to the park w.friends
  • excited for the beach play date tomorrow!
  • leave for western ND friday am for my cousins wedding!  going out early so drew can see some clients.  hopefully the weather is good!  i found a super fun waterpark we can go too.
ok i better get to bed!

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