its hard being a baby!!!

i love this sequence of pictures........he makes me laugh. we were playing and giggling and all of a sudden he was concentrating and i could not help but take pictures...i think i might have gotten atleast 50 of this....... buddy you make me laugh! and you might hate me someday a little for posting this! :) but dont worry we all do it! poor guy is still on laxatives and still makes these faces!
Dillon had his first dip in the lake!!! he loved it! unbelievably it was warm on sunday so we went in!!! gramma and grandpa barker got D this little floatie---and it worked perfect!! i think we will have a water bug on our hands and soon he will be learning to ski and wake board!!! :)
other exciting news Tuesday June 16th---DILLON ROLLED OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so exciting... he was working so hard so i started helping him and soon after he did it all himself! dont worry i have video----just wish i could figure out how to get them uploaded!

he is loving tummy time now and loving his nightly walks! too bad we live in mn and do not get the best weather all of the time----we have not been on a walk at all this week with all of this rain!
he is giggling all of the time now. tonite when i asked him if we should go put him clothes away he started to laugh---so of course like any mommy i said it again and again and he did not stop.... then i got the phone to get drew in on it and then he stopped----would rather listen to daddy talk!
dillon is already in bed----6:30. he was spitting up like i have never seen and not feeling well. he fell asleep cuddling with us so we put him down! i feel so bad for him when he is not feeling well. hopefully tomorrow he is feeling a little better!


Breanne Crawford said...

aww. i hope he feels better soon. i LOVE the shadow pic. what a great idea. and i love the pics of him in the floatie! agh! theyre so cute!!! and rolling over!!! what a big boy! go dillon!

Unknown said...

Yea Dillon! Hope you figure out how to post videos (I haven't been able to either). He looks so cute in his floatie and sunhat! Hope he's feeling better tomorrow.

amber b said...

what a cutie! Don't you just love how DRAMATIC they can be??? He is getting so big! so proud of him he can roll over! It wont be long and you will be needing to get a gate for the basement steps!

BetsE said...

Way to go Dillon! You are getting so big! can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Beyond genes said...

To get my videos on my blog I upload them to youtube and then embed it into the blog. It took me awhile to figure it out because I couldn't get my videos to load either. I love reading the blog and your updates! You are also so crafty with your scrapbook and hair bands. I hope to have time on maternity leave do to fun things like that!!=)


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