here is to you daddy's!

Happy fathers day!!!

to my dad, drews dad, grandpas and everyone who is a father!!!!!! you all deserve atleast one day that is all about you?!?!?!

and last but certainly not least my husband! happy first fathers day to you!!!! you are an amazing father and dillon is so lcuky to have you in his life!!!!

amazingly enough----i did not take a single picture when we had everyone here today for the picnic (which was rained out) so we were stuck inside---but all turned out ok. but i did not clean @ all b/c i figured we would be out in the yard and in the boat. f course nothing goes as planned!!!

we had a fun weekend! friday we had a wedding in fargo. dillon was up till 11.

saturday dillon and i met my parents in perham and we hit some garage sales---it was turtle fest! and breakfast of course! got some stuff i could not live w/o

then came home----dillon and i took a dip. drew was out on the boat. his whole family was out in their pontoon!! it was a perfect dayfor the lake!!!
i got some much needed sun on the dock while dillon slept!

then off to a relative of drews for a while in the late afternoon

drew and his dad took off for fargo for the races.
dillon and i headed to rush lake to the cabin to see nana and papa (it is their 39th anniversary)dillon stayed up late again. 10pm!
stayed @ the cabin

home on sunday morning.

got ready for guests.

everyone came and ate and chatted and celebrated FATHERS day with us!

now here i am am.

dillon sleeping drew watching racing!

yikes.....i am sad the weekend is over!


the ritchie's said...

happy daddy's day to you drew! I just LOVE d's tie. I have seen those around wishing hattie was a boy for a day so she could wear one...so CUTE. Glad you had a nice weekend too.

Beyond genes said...

He is growing up so fast!


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