4 months of moments caught on film

everyone always told me time would fly and dillon would grow up in an instant and i did not believe it until now. looking back i can not believe we have been watching this little guy grow and become such a little personality for 4 months already! we have loved each and every minute and i can not tell you how much i adore and love this little guy!
  • he loves to snuggle
  • he has a hillarious laugh.
  • he tears up when he drinks
  • hates tummy time (sometimes)
  • is learing to love the camera
  • he sleeps 12 hours @ night
  • he loves to suck on his hand
  • we love him more than anything in the world
  • he is growing like a weed
  • has thousands of pictures.
  • he spits up all day long. and wears 2 bibs @ a time @ daycare
  • loves music
  • he loves his crib
  • has made his parents realize how lucky they are!
  • thinks his daddy is the coolest guy ever
  • has made our family so happy!
  • loves car rides
  • loves the ceiling
  • loves the pool
  • his little feet are tickelish
  • he is so indpendent
  • loves to be on the floor and play
  • has the cutest smile in the world!!!
  • has made me the happiest mommy in the world

i love you buddy xoxoxoxoxo


xoxoxoxoxoox love mommy
dillons 4 month checkup
16lbs 7oz (90th %)
24.75inches long (50th %)
hated his shots but slept all day afterwards and is fine today!
he is healthy and happy and that is all we want!
my updates on the bachelor
who is the guy with the ken doll hair?!?! i dont even remember him @ all.
kypton is a cutie
wes is there for fame and a record deal
david is a crazy man.
juan way to femine for me.
the feet guy is wierd. there is seriously something off about him... oh yeah his obsession w.feet
jake-still a cutie but too goofy silly for me. i love goofy silly--but i can not explain what i think is wierd for me. :)
the HILLS was a good one too. kristin is back!?!? is she now taking over the show since lauren is leaving?
watching 48 hours. i love this stuff!


JJB said...

I cannot believe how fast he is growing! The pic in the bathtub almost made me tear up at how small he was...wow...I need to get my emotions in check :-)
Love ya! See you this weekend!!

Barker Family Blog said...

He is the most precious wonderful baby in the universe and he has made this first time Grandma happier than she's ever been! He makes me smile every time I look at a picture or kiss his wonderful cheeks, and every minute I spend with him is more wonderful than the last! Do you think I said wonderful enough??? There aren't enough words to describe how much his Grandpa and I love him! See you soon baby Dillon! Love, Grandma Becky

Barker Family Blog said...

Oh and I almost forgot the most important thing - he is lucky enough to have the most WONDERFUL parents in the whole world!! Love to all! Grandma Becky

amber b said...

oh meg I am teary eyed!!! Look at the two tubby pics of Dillon - the first noe the tub seems so HUGE compared to him, and then the next one it is "just his size" Isn't it just crazy how much they change in just 4 months time????

the ritchie's said...

Baby Dillon. You are growing up so fast. Happy 4 month birthday to YOU. I love all the pictures. So cute. Maybe you and Hattie could have a play date soon.

Breanne Crawford said...

oh he is so cute!! happy 4 months, dillon! they grow up so freaking fast.

Kelli said...

What an amazing blog Meagan. Dillon is truly going to love the blogs that you write when he is old enough to read them!!! He is so, so, so cute. They do change so fast and before you know it, he will be running around the house like my Mariah. FYI: I just have to tell you that Mariah only weighed 21 lbs 13 oz at her 18 month check-up. I can't believe he weighs 16 lbs already :)

BetsE said...

I think he just gets cuter by the minute. I can't wait to see him again. Hopefully it won't be too long.


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