the end of june!

isnt chase a cutie!?!?! (my sisters youngest) he and dillon are going to be the best of buddies! they just do not know it yet! next summer they will be running around together---i can not wait!

i can not believe it is the end of june already....
sitting here watching the bachelorette!!! its a good one. what is going to happen with wes--i sure hope she sends hime home. and the whole jack coming to the door looked a little rehearsed! oh well it is still good
i was gone last week @ a meeting in mnpls. gramma becky helped us out a ton and watched dillon thursday and friday. daycare closed! thanks a ton!!!
monday breck and heidi came over to do some flaoting and we went out on the boat! the boys were so cute in their floaties together!
friday night tim mahoney @zorbaz
saturday---to rush lake to see the birdwells.
sunday the birdwells came here for the day. played in the sand and jayden did come tubing!!!
about to go get some scrapping done! i have so much to do---i have been so bad lately! i need to get moving! :)
wednesday i start vacation till next tuesday!!!

i love this photo of jayden and dillon @ the cabin. she was playing patty cake with him. it was too cute! she is such a good big cousin to him!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Your sister's kids are so darn cute! Chase & Dillon are so cute together - so great that they are so close in age!

The Bachelorette seems so staged. Between Jake's confrontation & Ed coming back, it just seems like ABC is pulling all the strings. Whatever. I don't know why I keep getting into this stupid show!!

amber b said...

such cute little boys! love the picture where they are holding hands! so precious!!!


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