with wefest bring over....summer is coming to an end....and sadly so has drews cut off john deere shirt! back to the closet it goes! the third day of wefest he thought it would be a great idea to cut the sleeves of this shirt and try to pull it off! thank goodness no one there would even notice.. becasue half of the people are wearing no more that permenent marker on their bodies.... so really he won best dressed! anway it (summer) has flown by.... like it always does.
this years wefest was great! bring a big country fan i was loving taylor swift and sugarland. they were the best by far i would say! of course kenny was good but i have seen him enough times where it is always the same! we had a good time with friends all weekend and even got to go tubing down the ottertail with my sister, rich and their friends!!
last night i got to spend some time with my mom and my niece and nephew j & j!! we had some much fun @ the cabin.... jayden is an expert in mancula...i could not believe i got beat by a 5 year old! the were loving the water.... it was a wee bit cold but we went in anywho. made sand castles. the are just my favorite kids ever!!! it is so fun to have them around this summer... and soon there will be a third! hope they will love their new baby brother and baby cousin barker! they will all be such good buddies!! :) i cant wait!
besides work... we have not been doing too much else!
we had a doctors appt yesterday and everything looks good..... the heartbeat by far is always the best part. it always bring tears to my eyes no matter how many times i have heard it! i still can not believe in less than 25 weeks we will be parents. we were sitting in the waiting room yesterday making lists..... boy oh boy do we need to get in gear. in a couple of weeks we will find out if we are going blue or pink and i will be in full force. drew is scared for that say to come for the sheer fact that he knows the buying will begin! :)

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Billie said...

WE FEST next year...Eagles, baby! Who will babysit, because we will all be there!!! :-) Anyway, don't go crazy buying "things"...because you have family and friends that want to buy you "things". Decorate the nursery...go crazy...but be ready for "showering with gifts"...


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