172 days to go.....

it wont be long b/f we finally know if this little one is a boy or girl! i think drew and i are the only ones that think it is a boy. i have not real reason but that very predicatable necklace test.. it has told me for years that i will have boy boy girl.........and who would not trust that?!?!?! well obviously no one else does b/c everyone seems to think that there is a baby girl in there!! well whatever we find out we are so EXCITED!!!! i am anxious to get working on the room... and get the house in order! and my dad is making the crib. he has made one for my sister and brother too.... they are so beautiful can not wait to see it!!! better get working on it dad!! :)
got some fun pictures from this past weekend to post later.... need to get them uplaoded!
got to spend lots of time with my mom @ the cabin. she was watching the birdwell kids.... so i got to spend some time with all of them. then friday drew and i got to take j for an overnight. we took her out for pizza and then ice cream and then of course i kept her up till midnight.... oops... and we then kicked drew out of bed and had a real sleepover. she was such a sport and even went to a jewelry party with me in the morning b/f we finally headed back to the cabin. one of my favorite things about j is that she is very stylish and is very interested in clothes and what she is wearing. so b/f we are getting in bed she tells me we need to get her clothes out for saturday and lay them out. so we did just that. found her dress, underwear, headband, clip and all and layed them out on the floor in an orderly fashion. i wish i could be so orderly.
be back later

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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you!! I can't to find out if you're having a girl or boy!


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