loving the heat!!!

the sun is out and i am loving it!
we have been pretty low key around our house! we had stayed home this weekend and got some SUN and drew got a burn!!! he always says he does not need sunscreen b/c he does not burn and sat he got fried.... he was in a bit of pain on sunday. saturdy we spent the day @ RUSH lake with my mom and relatives......a perfect day. and sunday we spent the day out on DL wakeboarding and just relaxing!

this week is already flying by!
and summer is almost over. wefest is in 9 days and when that is over it always feels like summer is gone......... then us Minnesotans sit around and wait 9 months till we get a tan again! so glad we have this baby to look forward too..... out winter will fly by.
still have been feeling good. i am so lucky.. now if the next time around i can only be this lucky! i sure hope so!

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Becky and Greg said...

That beautiful floating grandbaby is wonderful!! What fun to watch he or she grow on your blog and in your tummy!! You are so cute and every week as we watch your baby bump grow I get more and more excited to spoil my grandchild!! Love you, Grandma Becky


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