This is me on our tabogon that my dad made us last winter!! we ride is down our yard through the trees and on to the lake!! it is a ride--kind of scary but so fun!!
every year drew goes on a fishing trip with some friends to Brainerd--they call is UB DUB--dont ask?!?!?! anywho--they always have a great time--and need a ton of sleep when they come home! :) and they never catch many fish!!!


amber b said...

looks like they had to take pictures for proof that they did catch at least 2 fish! or is that the same fish that they took turns holding? :)

sorry we couldn't make it to see you guys this weekend, but we are super excited to see you at Chad & Shannon's wedding!

Leah said...

I just can't imagine ice fishing. Way too cold for me LOL. Guess that comes from living in Bama all my life!

Hope you got the link in comments to work! And you are so cute! That's a great pic of you and your hubby on your banner.


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