the DL boys and girls club polar plunge has been rescheduled... the forecast for tomorrow is 15 below with 50mph wind!! :) yikes stripes! anywho last night one of my girlfriends and i decided to take the challenge and do it!! the water is only about 39 degrees and who knows what the air temp will be but i am guessing not much better than 20!!! :) we are dressing up and you will see pics next weekend! :)
this soudns so dorky but true--we are headed to a bonspeil (A bonspiel is a curling tournament, traditionally held outdoors on a frozen freshwater loch. The word comes from the Scots language [1] and means league (or alliance or household) match (or game).
it is not going to be outdoors THANK GOD!! if it was i am not sure i would be going tonite!
but that is our fun for the night!! :) drew decided not to play but a bunhc of our friends are--so we are going for support. I guess the canadians that come are pretty good and entertaining to watch!!! :)

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