weekend @ home

we spent the whole weeknd @ home.. doing a bunch of nothing!! well not really but....

drew worked out in the garage.. i love how he calls it that-- i always think he is going to go make somehtin kind of like dad does but he doesn't!! but he did clean the garage and get the snow blower ready!! we did the recycling. baked buns. watched about 10 epsiodes of crimal minds and law and order SVU. loved all of them. played with riley. went on a little impromptu date. rented movies. that is all i can think of!! there is nothing better than staying home all weekend!

i jsut ogt back from the gym. one of my girlfriends kerry is teaching pialtes! it is good to have her teaching b/c then i feel bad if i do not go-- i also went to killer abs before hand! yikes stripes! it was tough!

well that is about it from us!!!

hope you all have a great day!

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