finally back!

revenge of the nerds!!!!
we dressed up for bowling league too!! even though it was nov 1st!!! :) i think it might have helped our game a bit!!

we are having so much fun with spoiled rotten!!! we not have our stuff in Mama Mia in fargo!!! it is so awesome to know they are selling and people are loving them!!!

i am so bad getting started on this blog!!! but i am back.
last night we had girls night out so today i am getting nothing done!
it is so funny-- we are in bowling league! and it lasts 28 weeks....but last night we went BOWLING once again!!! we had so much fun though-- there was music and it was dark....leeague it bright white lights and no music and we get in trouble for everything we do... i mean who knew there was bowling etiquette!!?!?!? well there was not much of that going on last night with the lane next to us!?!?!? but we had a blast!
trying to do a scrapbook page for scrapjacked..... trying to get in to it-----i have been meaning to do one forever!! so i need to get it done!
drew was gone all weekend hunting and just got home.
next weekend he his dad and myself are going to my parents to hunt!!?!?! we go friday morning. sure hope he gets something!??!?! :) only one was shot this weekend nad it was not him!! so he needs this next weekend to be good!

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