3 1/2 years ago.....

this is a picture of a picture---back in the old days when we got married they obviosuly did not give digital prints!!!! but i found this on one of my cd's last night (i do not know why i would have taken a picture of it--but...) as i wwas searching for some pics for our christmas caard (which i am so excited about--mandy is doing it) and anywho i am blabbering!!
anyway the point of this is that i can not beleive it was 3.5 years ago that we got married!!! time has flown by. :) i think i would do it all over again. know actaully i know i would do it all over again!


Lindsey said...

Hi Barkers. Just got done reading your blog and it is so cute and interesting. I enjoyed the entire thing and the pic were especially nice. So keep up the good work and I will check on you on a regular basis. o.k.?? See you this weekend. Love, Grams J

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I'm so glad you are doing this - I love these blogs for keeping updated. It also keeps me busy with something to do at work when I am really bored!! Love you!
Mom B


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