i have some great news... maybe not for all of you but for me it is GREAT!!!

i entered a scrapbooking contest in the summer some time and kind have forgot about it until this week when fed ex called and told me i had a package i had to sign for....from some marketing company... so finally yesterday he called my cell and i tracked him down in downtown DL.

so i open get my envelope and open it and it says "i have been choosen as a SECOND place WINNER (well you are really not a winner if you are not first but it said that) you can read above for yourself!!!! I think there was 10 choosen for 2nd... and the 1st place which only one was choosen got a trip to Disney Land!!!! :( BUMMER!!

it was a contest from Dreyers Ice Cream...... so in honor os my winning i recieved one year free skinny cow ince cream snacks!!! So i now have 48 (not sure why the jipped my my last 4 weeks) certificates..... so if anyone likes and i know becky does..... or used too b.c that is the first palce i had eveer had or seen them... call me i can hook you up!!!!

:) i think i might enter more contests now!!!! :)

they expire in 12/08... so we better get eating!! except in CA, HI,ME NH and RI--not sure why they can use them whever they want but they can!!!

this is what i found on their website....
Best Girls’ Night Out: Tamara R. of Sandy, UT, Gina S. of Portland, OR, Thespoena M. of Springdale, AR, Melissa P. of Queen Creek, AZ, Kimberly V. of Missouri City, TX, Lynn R. of Gresham, OR, Carrie G. of Cato, WI, Jessica M. of St. Paul, MN, Ramona M. of Bountiful, UT, Meg B. of Detroit Lakes, MN

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Becky and Greg said...

Cool!! And congratulations!!! And yes I still love skinny cow treats! I will be "contacting" you about those! Talk to you soon, Love, Becky


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