kids in bed.
drew at curling.
me catching up on all of my smutty tv. real housewives of BH.
we spent a couple of days snuggling our newest family member MAX this week.
he is such a great baby. the chaos of all of us around him did not bother him a bit!!!
i love the time we can all spend together. the kids love playing and being together.
tonight we went to see SANTA and his band on the CANADIAN PACIFIC railway!
so crazy it was raining on Dec 14th! we had fun!
no snow in sight. yes that is craziness for MN this time of year. i am asking santa for snow for CHRISTMAS over and over.
it just would not be the same with no snow and crazy fun sledding at the farm!
preslee is really on the move now. her ears are all better and she is a WALKER!
love watching her walk all over!

(dillon with one of his girl friends who took him on a dinner and movie date and brought him a coon skin cap to wear! love it)

good night

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BetsE said...

love the photo of everyone dressed up! looks like too much fun! :)


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