home sweet home

tis the season'
we had a wonderful Christmas with our families!
we are so blessed!

and overwhelmed with new toys!!!!!
we had a fun family christmas on xmas eve morning. we opened presents. and then played played played! dillon was so into it this year. all he wanted and could talk about for the last couple of months was getting steel bins and a big bulldozer. santa came through at the last minute with a big bulldozer! thank goodness for last minute shopping on his part! preslee loved everything. the paper, the boxes and the presents too. dillon now had a fully working farm. between that and the new train set he is busy all day long. he takes breaks to play basketball, monster trucks and do some cooking... but then back to the basics. trains and tractors.
preslee wants to do anything d is doing. that is not the easiest thing for dillon to understand. not to into sharing yet. pres loves to grab things and run. (she even giggles as she runs away) and now that she can run i am a bit worried about her getting tackled.
drew is constantly saying we need to discuss where everything is going to go........
thanks to both of our families for the wonderful food and company!
it sure is not the same without the snow, snow forts, sledding and the snow ball fights!
we made the best of it. seems wrong though.

now i am baking buns. a little late for my liking... almost done and then i have to let them cool too.... yikes i am going to be up way later than i want to be!

one of my scrapbook pages that was published in a magazine was pinned on PINTEREST. that made my day! (pinned by someone i do not know)

it is 10:25 and dillon is still up. he did have a 3.5 hour nap... so i knew this would happen. put him in bed @ 9:20. he got up to say goodnight to his trains, because he is a big boy, to tell me he loves me to the moon and back, because there are monsters in his bed....... he better be staying put for good now.

all of the laundry in the whole house in done... folded... put away or in the dryer! wow does that feel good. sheets washed. toys put away. closets cleaned. lots of it going to the garbage! YIPEE so excited to start decluttering the closets. some of the stuff has been stashed there since we moved here 5 years ago. if we have not looked for it, wanted to use it or wear it. we do NOT NEED IT!

simplify simplify simplify!

drew took a couple of days off to stay home with us. we did some fishing. sledding in the yard.
and lots of play time @ home. so fun to have us all home together with no big plans at all!
drew is off to the lake of the woods tomorrow night with some friends to do some fishing!
hope they are lucky! or skilled.

love the snapshots of daily life.


Cherry Blossoms said...

Happy New Year to you and your sweet family!

amber b said...

been getting the urge to clean/ simplify too (although bobby would probably disagree! :) ) maybe it is this nice weather tricking us into thinking it is spring? miss you guys. Have a great NYE


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